How to use the Makeup App “MAKEUPPLUS”

Do you know makeup apps? Today, I will explain how to use the application “MakeupPlus” to apply makeup to photos. You can take cute makeup pictures very easily, so you don’t have to worry about wearing makeup. The face recognition function is quite excellent, and if the face is clearly shown in a normal photo, you can apply makeup naturally and instantly. Like this. Can you make a man with no makeup and just a wig look so feminine? The makeup app is amazing! ! Now with the latest technology. You can even apply makeup to a photo taken without makeup. And speaking of the latest technology, even casinos now allow you to play online. Online casinos are great too! This is an app from a company called Meizu that publishes the previously introduced selfie recommendation app “BeautyPlus”. It’s a company that specializes in making people’s photos beautiful. Since it is a large company that also sells smartphones, you can use it with confidence in terms of safety.


The function that I personally think is quite useful is hair color. You can easily find the hair color that suits you by selecting a hair color, choosing your favorite color, and adjusting the density with the bar! By the way, there are a lot of make-up themes, from general make-up to Zawachin, Korean make-up artist PONY, and other celebrities’ make-up. In addition, there are makeup that is different from ordinary, such as zombie makeup, so it seems that it can be used for various purposes. You can also turn your SNS account photo into a zombie only during Halloween. That’s all for how to use “Makeup Plus”, an app that applies makeup to photos. It’s a very fun app, so please try to make up your photos with image editing. Even casinos say you can play online now, but shopping isn’t the only thing you can do online anymore.

Install Makeup Plus

First, install “MakeupPlus”. It can be used on both iOS and Android, so install it on the App Store or Google Play!

After installation, a simple question (Are you male or female?) will be displayed when you start the application.

Description of the main screen

① Live makeup
Here you can take pictures in selfie mode. It’s easy to shoot because the face with makeup is displayed on the LCD in real-time. In addition to the makeup function, it also has a beautiful skin function and a function to enlarge the eyes, so you can complete it with just this, but we recommend using “BeautyPlus” to add natural makeup to your photos. That’s why I don’t use live makeup very often. I think it has all the necessary functions, but it’s not an app that makes selfies cute, so if you want to make your photos even cuter, you should use an app that specializes in taking selfies and applying makeup. think.

② Make-up
This is a photo editing mode, and you can edit all the photos in your smartphone as well as the photos taken with live makeup.

These two are the main menus.

Explanation of the live makeup menu

① Return to the main screen

② You can choose the photo size from 1:1, 4:3, and full screen.

(3) You can turn skin correction, small face correction, and eye enlargement on and off.

④Timer settings, flash settings, touch shutter settings, and camera settings can be performed.

⑤ Switching between in-camera and front camera

⑥ You can check the photo of the terminal.

⑦ Move the makeup theme category.

⑧Shutter button

(9) Switch to video recording

(10) Display/hide the makeup theme

Explanation and usage of the makeup menu

When you tap Makeup from the main screen, the photos in your smartphone are lined up, so select the photo you want to edit makeup and tap it. Then move to the screen below. The photo is a photo of Kaoru wearing a wig, processed with “BeautyPlus”. (Don’t say bad)

① Return to the main screen

② Save the photo

③ Select the makeup theme category

④Selection of makeup theme

⑤ Fine adjustment of each makeup and parts

Basically, find your favorite makeup theme in ③ and ④. If you tap the appropriate makeup theme, the photo will be makeup, and you can also adjust the intensity of the makeup with the bar.

Here, I selected the Bella makeup theme and adjusted the makeup to about the middle level. I think it looks like natural makeup.

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